Guided Walking Tours - Sundays 2:00 PM

May 22 - "Howard Daniels' Landscape Design," led by George Curry, professor of Landscape Architecture at SUNY-ESF. Learn how "the look" of Oakwood Cemetery came to be due to the imagination and skill of a landscape gardener from New York City.

June 26 - "From City Hall to Cemetery Hill," led by Gregg Tripoli, Executive Director of the Onondaga Historical Assoc. He will introduce us to some of the many mayors who now reside in Oakwood Cemetery


July 31 - Pot-Pourri in Section 3." This is a grab-bag of the most interesting residents of this 

large and varied section. Historian Sue Greenhagen will be our tour guide.

Aug. 21 - Street Wise," to be led by Michael Flusche, President of the Preservation Association of Central New York. His tour will lead us to the namesakes of many of our Syracuse streets and parks.

Sept. 25 - "Forever Young - the Wee-ones of Oakwood," led by historian Sue Greenhagen, who will tell us the stories of some of the youngsters who never lived to see adulthood.

Tours begin at the Chapel on the west side of the cemetery.
Follow the signs from the cemetery entrance in the 900 block of Comstock Avenue.

Allow two hours for the tour. Donations accepted.
Oakwood souvenirs and Oakwood: a Special Place by Barbara Rivette will be available for purchase at the tours.

Please wear comfortable shoes.
Rain or shine, but not thunder and lightning.


Individual tours available upon request.
For more information call (315) 682-6312.

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